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Minority Community concerts

About "following the 7th direction"

Following the 7th Direction is a start-up non-profit organization with the mission to advance reconciliation of the cultures and bring hope, pride and inspiration to Native American youth.  

The organization brings the Brulé concert for reconciliation show to mainstream concert venues and underprivileged minority communities including Native American Indian Reservations. 

The Reservation Tour is designed to capture the attention of the youth so they can positively envision their future, set goals, realize opportunities not obstacles, aspire to be the person they are meant to be, break the cycle and set a new course of success focusing on the future

Provide a pathway for reconciliation of the cultures, and hope, pride and inspiration for minority community youth.     

The Northern plains are the home of the poorest county in America, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Indian reservations, with unemployment rates 3 times the national average and poverty levels 5 times the national average.

South Dakota Indian reservations have the highest teen suicide rates per capita in the country. These statistics are a lasting result of America’s growing pains and are passed on generationally causing a lack of pride within Tribal youth and a breakdown in relations with surrounding non-Native communities.

The Native American teen suicide epidemic continues to rise across the Reservations of the northern plains.  

The support for this cause varies as many think all Tribal members benefit from successful tribal gaming per capita payments, while less than 7% actually receive any payment.  

Join us in the effort to save the lives of at-risk Native American Teens.  Through this innovative approach and your financial support we can begin to restore the Native American spirit, pride, and a sense of self-worth within the largest group of at-risk suicide youth in America (see FT7D opportunity fund).

For 20 years Brulé has represented the Native American culture in a positive light by spreading the message of hope, peace and reconciliation of the cultures through music.  

Their music and message have been heard in the far corners of the world.  But there remains one frontier, the most difficult of all, the impoverished Indian Reservations of America.  

Following the 7th direction will provide a pathway for hope and pride through inspiring music performances and follow-up with performing arts programs that embrace inspired native youth.